Welcome to KICS!
625-1 Tonbe
Kakegawa-shi, Shizuoka-ken 436-0224

(0537) 29-7255


KICS is online via live chat with teachers for the time being.

Students still have the same books and workbooks.

We have a tentative plan to return to in-person studies by September 2022, though we will still provide online assistance for those who cannot attend.

If you would like to donate to KICSchool, thank you for your support! You can do so using one of these options for Paypal:

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Or if you need a tax deduction, mail a check payable to:
SEA Crusades
304 Marsh View Court
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(include a SEPARATE note "For KICS")
South East Asia Crusades (SEA Crusades) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and gives 100% of its donations to the missionaries and ministries that it serves.

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