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Meet the Teachers!


At KICS we have an extremely talented and capable team of faculty and staff. Take a look!

Paul Bostrom : Director/Teacher             

Mr. Paul teaches Bible to elementary grades as well as handling most of the school's logistical work. He is an accomplished musician. He is father to 13 children, two of whom are still at home and are students at KICSchool. Paul is pastor of Sakuragi Christian Center.

Michaella Bostrom : Principal


Miss Michaella teaches elementary and junior high English, science, and history subjects. She also leads and directs the drama, chapel, and PE (currently all online). Michaella is a graduate of KICSchool.

Cheryl Bostrom : Founder/Owner
(currently on leave due to spinal fusion surgery/chronic pain - available by email :
Mrs. Cheryl has taught most subjects and grades, in the past, especially enjoying English, history, Bible, choir, and art. Cheryl homeschooled her 13 children for 10 years and began Kakegawa Homeschool Support before starting Kakegawa International Christian School in 2008.
Heather Wise : Vice-Principal


Miss Heather teaches junior high and high school math, English, science, history, and Bible subjects. She is a triple major graduate in Computer Information Systems, Accounting, and Business Administration from Colorado Christian University.

Hiroko Kando : Accountant


Miss Hiroko is now KICSchool's financial manager and bookkeeper. In the past she has also served as a math teacher for all grades. She teaches juku/home tutoring. Hiroko attended university in America and holds a master's degree in economics.


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