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Our Beliefs (Principles) - K.I.C.S.

Knowledge, Integrity, Character, Service


Knowledge : At KICS we strive to teach more than just "head knowledge," but also HOW to use that knowledge for life.  Students are taught WHY they need to learn information, HOW to make wise decisions, and the EFFECT those decisions will have on their lives and the lives of others.


Integrity : Honesty is vital to successful relationships in life, at school, home, and in society.  Students are challenged to be truthful, even when they have made mistakes, and to take responsibility for the results of their actions.


Character : A person's character is shown by the way they treat other people.  KICS encourages students to learn to care for others and give assistance of their own initiative, not only when asked.  "Actions speak louder than words."


Service :  Students at KICS learn to work and serve others! Through cleaning, assisting teachers, and helping younger students, they learn responsibility. This helps prepare them for life, rather than expecting others to serve and wait on them.





September 1978

Sakuragi Christian Center (SCC) started by George and Lois Bostrom,

U.S. missionaries with 5 home-schooling teenagers.

June 1991

Their son Paul Bostrom, with wife Cheryl, becomes pastor of SCC.

April 1998

The Bostroms begin homeschooling their first daughter. By 2008 they have 13 children and have successfully homeschooled for 10 years.

May 2007

Kakegawa Homeschool Support is started as other homeschooling families begin to join together for classes, activities and outings.

April 2008

Kakegawa International Christian School is started and licensed as a school member through ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International), which is officially recognized by the Japanese government.

September 2008

KICSchool opens a Japanese division for Japanese students and offers a bilingual school course.

2009 - 2012

KICS slowly grows as more students, both Japanese and foreign, join the school.  Eight high school students graduate and go on to college or work.


KICS now has nearly 30 students and becomes a bit crowded in its building in Tonbe, Sakuragi, Kakegawa.

January 2014

KICS moves the school to a new/larger location, Kakegawa-shi, Hosoya, due to an influx of student.

April 2014

Kakegawa International Preschool begins. There are 10 preschoolers enrolled and over 40 students ranging from elementary to high school

February 2016

About 40 students from the U.S.A, Philippines, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Peru, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, India, Nepal and Japan presently attend KICS.

January 2017

KICS currently has over 30 students enrolled from K4 to 12th grade.

April 2017

KICS currently has 21 students enrolled from K4 to 12th grade. Starting a new school year with a focus on American style. All classes are in English with extra Japanese language studies readily available.

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