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Christian Educational Philosophy

1. God's Love is the foundation

  God's Love in our hearts . Consideration towards friends . Right way of thinking

2. International Education

   Respect for our own and others' countries, cultures, and languages

3. English Education

   The ability to communicate in English is vital in a growing international world.


KICP language environment is largely English, with Japanese study as well.






K4-K5: 4th birthday MUST be before April 1st. For K4 children, we only accept those who can go to and use the toilet by themselves, are given adequate training/discipline in the home, and have no difficulties in school life. For entrance acceptance, we will judge according to an interview and an application.


K4-K5: Please turn in an entrance application, Health Form, and Contract with KICP. A copy of passport or a document that states your child`s legal name is required

Qualifications for Preschool Entrance

K4 (4 -5 year old) curriculum
K5 (5 - 6 year old) curriculum

That young children naturally have moral, intellectual, spiritual, social conscience which needs purposeful molding in the right direction.


That the love of God shown through the teachings of the Bible and the examples of good role models in parents, teachers, and friends are the best way to give them a positive start and affect them for the rest of their lives.


That each child has unique talents, abilities, and interests that should be encouraged and not compared to other children.


That exposure to foreign language and culture at a young age will serve people throughout their lives.


That an environment of joy and excellence (not perfection!) in early childhood will foster a lifestyle of joy and excellence as children grow up.

Preschool Philosophy and Teaching Style



Our Curriculum
  • The basis for our curriculum is BJU  K4 Footsteps for Fours, and K5 Beginnings, published by Bob Jones University Press. This curriculum is being used successfully in thousands of preschools around the world. We also teach beginning Japanese speaking, reading, and writing

  • We prepare a “learning environment” and give our students time each day to choose and do activities that help them develop skills in practical life, language, movement, math, and culture.

Preschool Q&A


Q: What age group can enroll in the preschool?

A: We accept children from four to six years old - K4, and K5 (must be toilet-trained and well-behaved).


Q: When is the application deadline?

A: There is no fixed deadline. Students may enroll any time during the year. Preschoolers must have turned 4 BEFORE April 1st of that year to enroll. 


Q: When does the school-year begin and end?

A: Our school runs on on the Japanese school year which begins in April and ends the following March.  For international students, we can print a report card dated according to the school year of your country upon request (i.e. - September to June).


Q: What is the relationship between parents and the preschool?

A: We hope to partner closely with parents. Through letters, conferences with teachers, classroom participation, outings, events, and informal talks, we encourage parents to be involved in every aspect of their children’s education.


Q: What are the preschool hours?

A: School hours are from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM, Tuesday through Friday, but ends one hour earlier at 2:00 PM on Mondays.  


Q: What about children who can’t understand or express themselves in English?

A: Because children at the preschool will be exposed to several hours of English every day, we expect their language skills to improve rapidly. Some of our teachers are Japanese or bilingual, so children will have no problem communicating their needs.


Q: What happens if a child is ill at home or at school?

A: If a child appears ill or has a fever, we will call a parent to come and pick the child up. In urgent cases, we will contact parents, then take the child to a clinic, or call an ambulance if necessary.  If your child has had a fever in the past 24 hours, please keep them home from school for one day until the cause of the fever has been determined (influenza, chickenpox, normal cold, etc.). 


Q: What about injuries?

A: We maintain very high safety standards, but children do occasionally get hurt.  We will treat minor scrapes and bruises and inform the parent at pick-up time. If there is a more serious injury, we will contact a parent and take the child to a clinic, or call an ambulance if necessary.


Q: Do children wear uniforms at the preschool?

A: KICS preschool uniforms consist of short-sleeved t-shirts in warm/hot weather (KICS logo - various colors of shirts are available) and caps (red for girls, blue for boys), and long-sleeved shirts during cool/cold weather.  Any style of shorts (hot weather) and pants (cold weather) may be worn.  Several layers may be worn in cold weather (spats, leggings, sweaters).  Student are required to buy a minimum of 2 short-sleeved t-shirts, 2 long-sleeved shirts, and a cap each year.  ¥1,000 for t-shirts and caps, and ¥1,500 for long-sleeved shirts.  KICS tote bags (book bags) are also available for ¥1,200.  The strap can be sewn shorter for small children.


Q: Are there rules about shorts and skirt lengths?

A: Yes, at KICS we require modest clothing.  Skirts must be below the knees when sitting down, or slightly above the knees is acceptable if there are spats underneath them.  Shorts must not be too short.  Simply stand straight, with hands down by sides.  The point where the child's finger reaches their legs is the minimum length for shorts.  *Emblems/characters on shorts, skirts, or pants must not include any magic, scary, or sexy images, including : Harry Potter, Pokemon, witches, monsters, ghosts, skull or bones, or any girl images with immodest clothing (no short or sexy clothing on the characters). 


Q: What about lunch?

A: Children are asked to bring a home-made bento for lunch. Because of allergy issues, children are not permitted to share or trade food.  We encourage children to finish their lunches unless parents have requested otherwise. 


Q: What about children who are not toilet-trained

A: Generally, we can only accept children who are toilet-trained and can use the toilet completely by themselves.


Q: My question isn’t answered here. What should I do?

A: We are happy to answer any question you might have. You can reach us is by telephone at 0537-29-7255, by e-mail to :

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