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PLEASE NOTE : We are currently in the process of updating information on our website!


From preschool (K4) we teach basic reading/writing/math and thinking skills in English, as well as Japanese speaking and hiragana. Bible class is taught in English. All English curriculum is from BJU (Bob Jones University Press)


From 1st grade we add Science, History (US & world), together with English Grammar/Writing, Reading, Spellling, Handwriting, and Bible. 

Please check the BJU online catalog for a list of textbooks from K3 through 12th grade.


From 2010 we have made use of a wonderful, FREE online source of study -

Khan Academy.  Highly recommended for math and science help, from elementary basic arithmetic to college high level mathematics.

Each student can also receive their own account on (paid for by KICS), for study hall time or extra practice at home, where teachers can keep track of their progress.


         From 2011 we will be starting a dual credit system for high school students, ages 14 to 18 through College Prep, and for 15 to adult through CollegePlus.  Costs for this program are made directly to College Plus.  This is an extremely affordable and faster method of obtaining fully accredited college credits while still in high school!


(Please See PRESCHOOL page for K4, and K5 Textbooks)

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